Bursting onto the global footwork scene with edits of classic jungle and rave tracks complied on Sweeekers Vol.1 + 2. Quickly gaining the support from the likes of Om Unit, Machinedrum, Slick Shoota and more. CL Moons is the footwork oriented experiments of Irish born Liverpool resident, SertOne.

CL Moons - 1992
Release Date : 08/11/2014

Tracklist (Click To Listen)
Sky Boats
Deeper Than Trax
One Of A Kind
Trippin (H-Sik Remix)
Sky Boats (Lewis James Remix)
Ready (Producer Vee Remix)
Trippin (Jukedepre & Hotheads Remix)

1992 was me trying to capture the excitement and sounds of early jungle and rave culture into a modern aesthetic of Footwork. I found the two sounds complemented each other beautifully.

All original tracks produced, mixed & mastered by CL Moons
Artwork by 96
Logo by Mump


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Primat is a freshly born project from France. Smooth and versatile Primat jumps creepers to creepers to distill beats. The troop is composed of two mandrills honing organic and powerful sounds from the jungle to the city, from production to live.

Primat - Virunga
Release date : 07/30/2014

A Tribute to Planet Of The Apes

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CNO9O Primat - Old World
Release date : 11/02/2014

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01 Dry Land
02 Mandrill
03 Papionini
04 Journey ft. Pink Tee
05 Kano
06 Journey (Instrumental) (Bonus track)

After blowing minds with their take on the Busta Rhymes classic ‘Dangerous’ in the Cosmonostro advent calendar last December, French duo Primat return with a full EP to showcase their flair for cooking up brain-addling beats.
Bugged out opening track ‘Dry Land’ kicks things off with a biblical lesson before a tribal choir loop slowly swims into focus, accompanied by thundering kick drums and tripped out arpeggiated synths – a hypnotic opener that draws us into a world we know we’re not going to be keen to leave in a hurry. ‘Mandrill’ instantly snaps us out of this hypnosis, sounding like a southern rap instrumental performed by a military band from Mars, complete with ethereal choral stabs and woozy synths, whilst the eerie ‘Kano’ seems as if it could be heard playing out of a weathered gramophone from a parallel universe, to which we are granted access for 2 glorious minutes before being dragged back into the tangible world. ‘Journey’ calls on the spitting talents of Pink Tee for a slice of top quality continental hip hop over a choppy harp loop, soaked in reverb and accompanied by drums with some serious crunch and swing. ‘Papionini’ takes things into a more cosmic territory, complete with R&B tinged ‘ooos’ and a pitched-down vocal loop with serious swagger, all backed by a rolling bassline to put your speakers to the test.
As always 96 delivers beautiful and ethereal artwork to complete the package - snap up the whole release completely free of charge whilst you still can now!

Mastered by @rascar-kapak
All tracks produced by @primatmusic
Executive Produced by Guillaume Bonte for Cosmonostro & Primat
Artwork by @9uillaume6onte

Day 00 : Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Primat Remix)
Release Date : 11/28/2013

We are proud to announce that Primat just joined our roster a couple of days ago. Exciting EPs are already planned. S/O to "Ma Petite Île" for hooking us up with the duo based in Lille, our hometown ; Its always rewarding to be able to help local talents flourish.


Interview for Pitchill (French)

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Please Hold - Coffee Break
Release Date : 07/28/14

✈✈ 飛ぶ 東京 (Tokyo Airport)
IBM 5150
愛愛 (UrLuv)
All Night と Day
更生 (Addiction)
Aloe Pool Party
Coffee Break


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The soundtrack here is one of electronic signals, sculpted voltages, sonorous clangs, drones, hiss and squelch: a dancing energy shape hurtling towards the edge of infinity. Coaxed from the dusty circuits of machines bristling with knobs, switches and patch-cords, these aural tapestries establish a tone for the visual work; surreal landscapes and abstract forms.

Operating from his home studio in Adelaide, Australia, Dan McPharlin works across various media, in 2D and 3D. His artwork has appeared on record sleeves, international magazine covers, books and websites. In 2006 he began work on a series of cardboard models, known as the Analogue Miniatures. Photographs of these tiny models of fictional synthesizers and tape machines were subsequently used on a variety of record sleeves and magazines. Lately Dan has been occupied with various science-fiction illustration and design projects.

Transmission 02: A mix by Dan McPharlin
Release Date : 07/20/2014

00:00:00 Robert Henke - [_flicker] (2008)
00:04:08 Chihei Hatakeyama - Ferrum (2011)
00:08:52 Brian Eno & Harold Budd - Against the Sky (1984)
00:12:24 Cities Last Broadcast - Architecton (2009)
00:15:50 Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off (2001)
00:20:13 Deepchord & Echospace - Warm (2010)
00:24:30 Gas - Funf (1999)
00:35:05 Tim Hecker - Studio Suicide (2011)
00:37:09 Expo '70 - Soft Wave Continuum (2012)
00:43:41 Klaus Schulze - Synphära (1973)
00:47:00 Laurie Spiegel - Short Visits To Different Worlds: A Garden (1970)
00:48:28 Hector Zazou - Persephone (Nue) (1990)
00:52:59 Steve Roach - Snow Canon (1983)

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Transmission 01: A mix by Dan McPharlin
Release Date : 05/01/2014

00:00:00 Thomas Köner - Serac (1993)
00:05:05 Autechre - VLetrmx (1995)
00:12:54 Michael Mayer - Sully (Wolfgang Voigt Mix) (2013)
00:16:28 Oneohtrix Point Never - Laser to Laser (2013)
00:18:45 Sand Circles - Stellar Waves (2011)
00:21:42 Jeff Mills - Before the Storm (2000)
00:23:17 Pjusk - Gneis (2012)
00:27:44 Mohn - Das Feld (2012)
00:32:24 Chihei Hatakeyama - Waves (2010)
00:35:41 Tangerine Dream - Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities (1972)
00:54:40 Simon Scott - _Sealevel.6 (2012)
00:58:34 Emeralds - Magic (2008)
01:10:33 Clint Mansell - First Snow (2006)

While we keep celebrating our first anniversary, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Dan McPharlin will join our roster & is working on his debut EP.
To ease the wait, here is the first episode of his Transmission Mix Series, originally made for his own personal listening & few close friends. An amazing way to discover Dan's musical universe & artists included in the playlists that inspired him at one time.

"I was imagining a lonely vessel drifting through the vast emptiness of space. Its sheltering from a fiery sun in the shadow of a planet. Its a minimal concept to reflect the minimal nature of the music." - Dan said about his cover.

Mixed by Dan McPharlin
Artwork by Dan McPharlin


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Paul Chin is a multidisciplinary artist & designer based in Toronto, ON. He works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in the real world, and as a producer and DJ on the internet. Having grown from making breakbeats in his bedroom for a now-defunct rap career to producing more refined, yet less distinct, flavours of electronic music, Paul has self-released two solo EPs and one split EP with Cosmonostro teammate Eli Colburn. His Cosmonostro debut, Fossil, was a runaway success on the 2013 Advent Calendar, and he's finally returned with the full-length effort he's been crafting for months.

Paul Chin - The Forest
Release Date : 07/07/2014

See The Forest ft. Johanna Wienhølts
Phantom Limbs
Sparrow Eye
Triumph Howl

Building on themes and a sound initially explored in Paul Chin's previous EP, Love Letters, The Forest explores the story of the individual and the world surrounding. Inspired by the writings of Donald Miller, the EP traces Chin's dreams for harmonious balance between care for the individual tree, and the greater forest which it is a part of. Chin also enlists frequent collaborator Johanna Wienhølts as a companion storyteller in his latest electronic fable, composing his most thoughtful piece to date.

"I am a tree in a story about a forest" — Donald Miller, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

The Forest, grabs you from the first note and brings thoughts of passion and love to mind instantly. -Thump

Such Vibes, very bass, wow. Paul Chin’s track is smooth, yet crisp, and packs a whole lotta swagga. -Salacious Sound

With “Triumph Howl” being upbeat & cinematic and “See the Forest” emitting a future R&B vibe, we’re looking forward to see what else Paul’s 4-track release brings to the story of The Forest EP. -The Bass Collective

Release Party

Paul Chin & Istolethesoul Records present the EP Release Party for The Forest! Live from the Drake Underground in Toronto, July 10th. Supported by Elaquent, MALOO (Maylee Todd), JIIN, and DJ Sean Sax.

RSVP via Facebook

Tickets via Eventbrite

All tracks produced by Paul Chin (SOCAN)
Harps on See The Forest performed by Johanna Wienhølts
Artwork by Paul Chin & Phoebe Lau

Stream below or via SoundCloud

AC1320 Paul Chin - Fossil
Release Date : 12/09/2013
Click To Listen

@ohyeahpaulchin's interpretation of the Lovers of Valdaro. Stay tuned for more info on his Cosmonostro debut EP The Forest to be released in 2014.

"With that initial drop & enchanting sample, you’re pulled in immediately, but as the song goes along, you attention may start to fade a bit. However, towards the end things pick back up again, as if to toy with your attention span and music taste." -Hillydilly
"Paul Chin, dernière signature du label Cosmonostro, ne vous laissera pas de marbre avec le beat Fossil" -Le Mellotron

Press Pics 1, 4, 14 & 35 shot by Michelle Liando