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CNO65 Jaze Baqti - Tangata
Release Date : 08/18/2014

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01 Mason Street Blues
02 Justice Has A Pryce
03 Rua Tui
04 23
05 That Feel ft. Toby Brock
06 Changes
06 Flowers Of Edo

“Tangata” means People in Māori language. There’s an old Māori proverb saying : "He aha te mea nui? He tangata. He tangata. He tangata." which can be translate by "What is the most important thing? It is people, it is people, it is people.”

Jaze Baqti has begun a journey across USA, NZ & JP. We will upload the tracks he made on the road inspired by places he visited & people he met.

Avec cet opus le label Cosmonostro, qui prend de plus en plus d’envergure en brisant chaque jour un peu plus les cloisons du catégorisme musical, frappe un grand coup et signe l’un des plus beaux projets de cette fin d’été! -Radio Chantier
We’ve been waiting for this body of work to come to completion for a while now, and boy are we happy it has. -Part Time Wizards

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All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Jaze Baqti
Artwork by 96


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AC1302 Jaze Baqti - Without A Word
Release Date : 12/02/2013

Jaze always brings that Jazz back. As he travels across the globe, he’s working on several projects, one of them is his travel journal : No drawings but sounds instead, inspired by his stopovers.


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CNO41 Jaze Baqti - San Mateo
Release Date : 10/17/2013

We proud to introduce to you our Soundcloud ambassador & Jazz enthusiast : Jaze Baqti
With San Mateo, Jaze pays homage to the first gigs Cal Tjader did in SF Bay Area as his career launches. Jaze captured Tjader's latin groove with those vibrant percussions translating it into his own rhythm!

Artwork by 96